Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When it rains...

So it's been a normal week for me. The same usual fights, the same highs and lows, just my usual, normal week.

On Sunday She-hulk and I got our nails done, though the route to get there sucked. The man had taken us to Walmart to get our nails done and to get a Vtec learning tablet for the mini hulk. The nail shop wasn't open when we got there so we wondered around with the men, She-hulk had a few sulking moments and even some tears. She got upset that mini hulk was getting something snazzy and she wasn't getting to pick out a toy. I should also mention her second birthday party was later that night and she was going to get toys and gifts and cake and ice cream from my side of the family.

At the checkout I asked the girl if the salon was to be opened today and she said no - instant sulk and a gasp from she-hulk. after reminding her the store would be open Monday and any day over the course of the next week, we got in the car and headed home. Thankfully the man has keen eyes and spotted another salon and dropped us off.

She was pretty well behaved, though she also had to organize the nail polishes on the wall (but got bored half way through, not that I blame her, there must have been a few hundred). In any event the day ended on a high note.

Monday and Tuesday were even good, a minor fight, but good. Today however, not so good. She refused to go to school. Crying about how tired she was like usual. She refused, and I refused to let her stay home, especially since she`s usually up and moving just after the bus leaves. So, I pushed. I picked her up, and made her go downstairs to get ready. She managed to get her jeans and socks on but I had to put her shoes and coat and backpack on. Well, that`s not true, I went to grab her jean jacket and she flipped and wanted her winter coat. She was crying about a belt too, and I refused to let her get it because she would have either laid on the bed, or gotten distracted and taken far too long, she had minutes to be out the door. She cried at the door for this belt and I kept replying with `Good She-hulk, Have a good day She-hulk, I love you' (obviously I used her name, but unless you already know it, I wont share it, she may be a difficult little girl, but I wont add to her difficulties). She hit the door a few times banging for her belt. She switched to her umbrella and once she had it, she left. She sobbed and dragged her feet, luckily the bus was a stop away when she started walking and I found out she was done by the time she found a friend, and even got on the bus.

That's one of my concerns with her is that she'll skip the bus one morning and not come home. I really should go out there with her, but I can see the bus from my front door.... and mini hulk and dumb dog aren't usually the most forgiving when they get dragged along and told to sit still.

She-Hulk also chose to fake stutter today too, I think in an effort to gain sympathy. She has never stuttered before so I know it's fake, but I found it odd and annoying. She keeps telling me how stressed she is and how everyone hates her and makes fun of her, but she only tells me these things while trying to get her way. I don't doubt that she is getting teased and harassed at some point, I mean she is an easy target and kids aren't always the nicest people in the world, but the fact that she only mentions it when it suits her (we have told her she needs to tell us right away if she expects help, and we ask her about her day when she doesn't go running outside right away, or up to her room), and that she's taken her friends bullying issues as her own (she once told us a story of a girl bullying her that turned out to be her friend's issue, not hers), it makes it hard to know what's fact, fake, and her anxiety.

Urg, my head hurts, it's either the rain or the stress this morning, and I can't focus anymore, so I', out, half an entry and all

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