Thursday, May 9, 2013

emotional immaturity and puberty

She hulk was complaining last night before her shower about her hair. Hair where there was no hair kind of hair. We could hear her from the main floor, through the door and over the TV and mini hulk. I was avoiding going up and embarrassing her, but the man gave me a look and said "you should go see what her problem is". My reply of, She's getting furry, that's her problem" didn't fly to well, so up the stairs I went.

Naturally, when I opened the door, she shrieked. I always forget to knock, mainly because I am the mom and I get to go wherever I want... and impulse is an issue of mine too. So after that, and her quick duck and cover she told me she was getting "creeped out" by her armpit hair.

She's always had hairy legs and I don't usually see her naked, but damn, she did get fury recently. And boobs. My little girl has boobs. For the record she's had tiny ones for a year or so, and she just turned eleven last month, but within the week or so, she got actual boobs. Damnit.

She's very upset about all of this, creeped out as she would say. And it's my job to make it easier and less creepy for her. We keep telling her soon enough she'll see that it's all OK, and it is all normal, but with the ADHD/ODD/SAD/GAD it makes it even harder. She's anxious. She's in denial and very much still immature.

It seems we're in a race to get her to understand herself and her body before she develops too much more and boys start to notice her. We have awhile yet, but it never seems long enough. I'm not worried she'll end up pregnant before 16, I'm just not ready for all of this. We haven't had enough time with her as a little girl. She's been through too much to really enjoy childhood as much as she should have. Though she still acts like she's seven, her body is becoming that of a little woman.

Oh! And then there's the hormones of puberty!! How are we to survive that plus all the other crap on our plate?! Reminds me of the American Dad episode where they remember Haley's puberty years and throwing a fit while Francine and Stan hiding in a corner with a stapler as protection. I suspect there will be plenty of tearfilled moments from me yet to come ;)