Thursday, April 4, 2013

Genetics or environmental?

I've been reading some online news articles about the link, or possible link, between mental health and genes. There are plenty of interesting things out there. I also read, while at the hospital waiting to see our Doctor, that there is proof the ADHD brain works differently than others. It's kind of neat to hear there is undeniable proof that ADHD is an actual things, and not, like many believe, some made up way to make kids conform to the ideal of perfect.

So, back to the gene thing, sort of.

Everyone has heard Sheldon Cooper's (Big Bang Theory) "I'm not crazy, my mom had me tested!". It kind of rings true for me, except I think I was tested too soon. Now, I don't know any of the details, all I remember is going into the children's mental health building at the hospital and being in a room, being asked a few questions, and a small table, maybe round. I think there was a two way mirror and the room was white. Though how much of that is a memory, and made up from all my years of TV, I don't know.

When I was a kid, preteen to I guess now, I had some issues. As a teen I was depressed, suicidal, impulsive and all kinds of trouble. In one argument I recall my mother calling me a sociopath, and though probably not her favorite moment, and maybe one she's forgotten, I often wonder if she'd been right. Not that I was a sociopath, and least of all a la Dexter Morgan, but perhaps if she had done something back then, things would have been different. Now, my main issue is focus. I just don't have it, and when I do, it's to the point of compulsion. I can't stop doing what I'm doing until it's done. I am still impulsive, and have a hard time handling emotions. I am my daughter, and she is me. That's about the scariest thing ever. I know what I went through, what I did to my mom, myself and others, and I can see kidlette heading that way too if she can't keep whatever grip she has on things. She's doing better and with each day i grow less and less fearful for her, but there's always that fear.

What's worse, I have the three year old, I worry he'll end up in this boat of issues too. I could just be seeing things that aren't really as bad as I think they are, he is a boy too, so rough and tough and loud are part of the package.

So as I mentioned my focus is non existent and I have plowed through three paragraphs only to go off on facebook and snack hunting and dinner making and dog peeing adventures for the forth, so I have lost my train of thought and desire to sit any longer.

My main point however, I do think there is a link between genetics and mental health issues.

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